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Traveling to Belarus

Traveling from EU, UK:

How to travel:

  • You can arrive and leave only by plane

  • IMPORTANT: all air travel between Belarus from one side and EU, UK, and Ukraine from another has been suspended. Some European airlines are still selling cheap tickets from the EU to Minsk (e.g. LOT selling tickets from Warsaw to Minsk) but these flights will be canceled with a 99% certainty  

  • Our recommended route for EU/UK is to fly with a transfer in Istanbul

  • Transit via Russia is possible but is not recommended due to both Russian and Belorussian visas plus multiple PCR tests required

Istanbul transit details:

  • It is highly recommended to fly just with a carry-on bag and without a check-in bag. Ticket booking systems show that for transfer additional baggage check-in is required which may require you to leave a transit zone  

  • If you stay in an airport transit zone there are no visa or covid restrictions, we highly recommend to select a flight connection that allows you to do so

  • If you have to stay overnight or change an airport for a connection you might need a transit visa, please check here if your citizenship allows you to enter Turkey visa-free. Most if not all EU countries citizens do not need a visa. British citizens do not need a visa. If your citizenship does not allow visa-free entry you can get a visa fully online here 

  • If you have to stay overnight or change an airport for a connection you are going to need: either a covid vaccination certificate or a PCR(<72 hours)/Antigen(<48 hours) test plus filled in online form here

Traveling from other countries:

  • You can arrive and leave only by plane

  • If you are not in the EU/UK/Ukraine/Russia and there are direct flight tickets to Minsk available then lucky you, these are good to buy 

  • Do not buy tickets with a connection in EU/UK/Ukraine (flights will be canceled) or in Russia (complicated visas and tests), other connections are ok.

  • Additional information regarding connection in Istanbul is available in the section above.

  • If you live in Russia but aren’t a Russian citizen please let us know at and tell us about your citizenship, we can check if you’ll be able to travel to Belarus and get back to Russia, if you need a visa to Belarus, how to handle PCR testing, etc.

Visas and other documents:


  • UK, EU, and many other citizens may enter visa-free if arriving via airport and are not traveling from Russia

  • Additionally, a visa is not required for citizenships listed in a second column here

  • Please check that your passport is valid for at least 90 days from the expected departure from Belarus

  • You need to have at least 22 euros for every day of stay, having some cash on hand to show and not just cards is advisable.

Medical insurance:

  • You’ll need to buy medical insurance with a coverage of at least 10 000 euro valid in Belarus for the duration of stay. You can buy it directly at the airport after arrival but before the passport check for just a few euros.

Covid travel requirements:

  • It is highly advisable to have a covid vaccination certificate

  • Certificate requirements: at least 1 month but no more than 12 months passed since the last vaccination date, your first and last names and the date of last vaccination should be present in the certificate, certificate should have English or Russian as one of the languages or to have a notarized translation to English or Russian.

  • Covid vaccine type or brand doesn’t matter

  • No PCR tests are required to enter with a vaccination certificate

  • If you don’t have a vaccination certificate you’ll need a PCR test in English or Russian (max 72 hours old) to enter AND you’ll be required to self-isolate for 7 days after arrival, it’s not possible to leave the country before this term is over

  • Please check your country regulations about the return trip

Registration for longer stays:

  • Registration of your address is required only if you plan to stay for longer than 10 days

  • If you stay in a hotel or a hostel they will do the registration for you automatically, no action is required

  • If you rent an Airbnb or stay with friends for longer than 10 days you’ll need to register your address in a local police station or by using a free and very complicated online service 

  • Keep in mind: visa-free travel is limited to 30 days for most countries



Reaching the Venue

Getting from the Airport to the city

National Airport Minsk is situated in 42 km from the center of Minsk.

To get from the Airport to the city you can take:

  • a bus or a minibus, that will take you to the Central Bus/Train Station. The schedule can be found here;

  • order an official transfer service;

  • take a TAXI: Yandex Taxi, Taxi5. To call a taxi is always cheaper than to hail it on the street.

To call a taxi at the airport you can use free wi-fi. To access the Internet you will need to pass mandatory identification via SMS-request through the network of any mobile operator. You can use the Internet for 3 hours a day from one device.

From central train/bus station to IBB hotel

  • Taxi: should cost not more than 5 eur.

  • Metro: from Ploschad Lenina (No 115) station to Petrovschina station (No 111). The cost of one trip is about 0.25 euros. Tokens can be purchased at the Metro by cash or via bank card. The hotel is only 10 min walk from the metro.



Welcome to Minsk!

Minsk isn't the most advanced, wealthy, and famous city but it's cheaper than Kyiv, less crowded than Moscow, and cleaner than most European capitals. Moreover, it has its own spirit and interesting history.

The city of Minsk is located in the middle of Belarus and is the Capital of the Republic of Belarus. For the first time, Minsk was mentioned in 1067. Almost completely rebuilt after destructive WWII, nowadays it occupies an area of 255.8 km2 and it has a resident population of around 2 million people. Wide streets, modern and old architectural ensembles, fountains, shady parks, and green boulevards well deserving the opinion of being one of the best cities of the former Soviet Union.

Foreign visitors are attracted to this city by its surprisingly clean, beautiful, calm, optimistic and hospitable atmosphere just to see with their own eyes life, history, culture and traditions of the Belarusian people.


There are 2 national languages in Belarus: Belarusian and Russian. The majority of people speak Russian. If you want to address someone and don’t speak Russian, you can do it in English, most young people will understand you.


Belarusian rubles. There are many exchange offices and booths in the city. You can exchange almost any currency to Belarussian rubles right at the airport or in the city. The difference in rates is very little, so don't worry. 

Restaurants & Cafes

Cafes and restaurants work in a regular mode. On working days they are open till 23:00-00.00, on weekends – some can work till 02.00 or 04.00. But not all restaurants serve food at night. Smoking is allowed on open terraces. In most restaurants, you can pay by card.


In the city - it is very easy, cheap and convenient to take metro. To get from IBB hotel to the city center takes only 5 stations: from Petrovschina (No111) to Kastrychnickaya (No 116). The cost of one trip is about 0.25 euros. Tokens can be purchased at the Metro by cash or via bank card. Metro is open every day from 05.30 to 00.40.

Useful phone numbers

Ambulance call: 103
Police call: 102
Marathon organi: +375 44 767 85 78
Dialing code in Belarus: +375