• Repertoire?  Imagine... Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar!

  • Our aim is to make the dancers feel themselves like stars. 

Ramo & Go-go (Turkey)

“Ramo & Go-Go” is a tango dj duo based in Istanbul. The duo who have been performing together for the last 10 years has achieved 400 performances in total.

While they behind the dj desk, they constantly focus on the energy of the dancers and the synergy that occurs.

These gentlemen always try to capture the mood of the crowd and create an atmosphere that will elevate the energy as a whole in a unique way.

Repertoire? Imagine... Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar! When we ask them to create a sentence about themselves the answer is: “Our aim is to make the dancers feel themselves like stars.” 

  • As my mother used to say “this kid (me) has firstly danced than it walked”.
  • Dancing the Tango may sometimes feel like being exposed but only in a totally safe way.
  • I have plenty of tango songs to share that deserve to be heard and wait to be danced.

Ilias Selalmazidis (Greece)

"As far as I remember myself, I danced from my earlies (traditional and folklore dances), and as my mother used to say “this kid (me) has firstly danced than it walked”. But Tango met me unexpectedly 14 years ago.

What I love while dancing the Tango is that I can be myself, ready to exchange thoughts, feelings or even aura. It may sometimes feel like being exposed but only in a totally safe way.

The best part of dancing the Tango is the interaction between the couple on the dance floor and the way we communicate during the tanda. This interaction is what I am looking for while DJ-ing behind the decks, but in this case the interaction comes between me and all the dancers. What I am trying and challenging myself is to capture moments, signs, expressions of the dancers, or even if it’s possible, feel the energy on the dance floor so I can harmonize it with the next tanda.

Last but not least, I have plenty of tango songs to share that deserve to be heard, and wait to be danced, and I wonder how they could be interpreted through the art of dance. My preferences both as a DJ and as Dancer is on the Golden Age. Favorite orchestras: Biagi, Donato, Troilo, Pugliese, D’Arienzo……! How people describe my music: Seducing, Intense, Rythmic, Flowing, Impossible to sit!

  • "Tango-Grandma"
  • Works in a university hospital pharmacy
  • Mother of 3 adults & grandmother of 3 children

Jaana Hänninen (Finland)

I started my tango life about 15 years ago and after that, I’ve been active in the tango life in Finland. Playing music at milongas started with establishing the local tango community. As I learned about dj’ing more, I started to prepare well, but select on the spot what to play next, trying to react to the atmosphere present.

I also always consider carefully the nature of the milonga, the amount and quality of the dancers, etc. to choose the best music for the moment, the place and the dancers. DJ’ing has become a great source of joy for me as the dancing itself.

I play traditional music from late 20-ies to mid 50-ies and play in classical tandas with cortinas, trying also to give special attention also to the cortinas. I mainly DJ in milongas around Finland, but also internationally.

I’ve been dj’ing in The Canary Islands Tango Festival, The Frostbite Festival, Helsinki Milonga Weekend, World Tango Festival and also other events in Italy and Germany. I pay annually an official DJ-license for copyrights. When playing I show a stand where the dancers can see the name of the orchestra playing, plus what is coming up next. I am also open to the dancers’ wishes.

  • Tango, salsa, bachata & other Latin dances dancer
  • The organizer of "Me Gusta" milonga in Moscow

Alexandr Shamsutdinov (Russia)

In his youth, Alexander was involved in ballroom dancing and acrobatic Rock and Roll. He became involved in Argentine Tango already in 2004, participated and became the laureate of many international competitions in tango, and starting in 2009 began to teach.

Now he is an assisting teacher at the Argentine tango school "Tangomagia" in Moscow, as well as the organizer of the Moscow milonga "ME GUSTA!".

"To date, my DJ experience is about 7 years. I am an active and in-demand DJ, both in urban milongas, and at festivals and marathons of various Russian cities and European countries.

I prefer the music of the Golden Age. My favorite orchestras are Ricardo Tanturi, Anibal Troilo, Carlos Di Sarli, Juan D'Arienzo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Miguel Calo, Osvaldo Fresedo. But, sometimes, I can neatly go beyond the "framework" of the golden age without spoiling the mood of the milonga.

"I am often invited to the final milongas of festivals and marathons, as an 'incendiary' DJ".

  • Lived almost 18 years in the United States
  • Started tango in 2002
  • Works as a kitchen designer

Jani Keinänen (Finland)

Jani was born and raised in Finland but lived almost 18 years in the United States, where he also started tango in 2002. He started the first weekly milonga in his hometown and DJ'd there regularly until 2007. Jani has also DJ'd in various other cities around the United States.

Jani relocated back to Finland in July 2012 and has since DJ'd regularly in various cities in Finland, many times in Tallinn, at Tango Frostbite festivals, 2013 Tango Remolino (Ukraine), 2014 Lodz Tango Salon Festival (Poland), 2016 White Nights Tango Festival (Russia) and Minsk Tango Fusion Marathon (Belarus), and several other countries and events.

Jani is known for being conservative but can also DJ an entire alternative milonga.

  • Software tester 65%
  • Dancer-performer 20%
  • Coffee nerd 15%

Alexey Doro (Belarus)

I started playing at Minsk milongas in 2009 and since then I have already played in Minsk, Kyiv, Lviv, Moscow, St Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Vilnius, Tallinn, Tampere, and Jerusalem.

I call myself a traditional tango DJ but not a conservative one.

During all these years I have learned both all the traditional DJing rules and how to break them when the moment really asks for that.

When choosing the music I prefer to use well-known traditional orchestras, while using a wide range of their recordings and tanda-to-tanda dynamics to create a milonga that is full of well-known tango hits but still fresh and exciting.

I improvise during every milonga and almost every tanda is created on the spot. That way I can be sure that tanda beginning, development and ending all fit the current moment and desired milonga direction.

One more obsession I have is a sound quality at milonga. When not playing I try to obtain the best versions of recordings I can find. Then at milonga make sure available files and equipment produce the best sound possible by adjusting sound processing for every tanda or even every song if required.


The longest DJing set in my life happened when my tango friend asked me to DJ on his wedding. It was 13 hour long mostly non-tango long set with just a bit of tango and folklore starting with some background music for the celebration dinner and ending with awesome dance-till-morning party.

  • I never would have imagined myself as a dancer, however I did love all kinds of music.

  • While I started going to the milongas in Chile I already knew I wanted to be a tango DJ.

Daniel Valenzuela (Chile-Finland)

I started dancing tango in Santiago de Chile in 2009.
Before that I never would have imagined myself as a dancer, however I did love all kinds of music. When I discover I could dance to (tango) music, there was no way back. While I started going to the milongas in Chile I already knew I wanted to be a tango DJ.


I moved to Finland in 2013, and in 2014 I started organizing a local milonga, and so my path as a Tango DJ began. I DJ often in local milongas in Helsinki and  have also been guest DJ at international events in Helsinki, Tampere and Saint Petersburg.

My tandas are made mostly of classic tangos (from 30's to 50's). My approach to DJ is the same as a social dancer: my main goal is to connect with the dancers, and to create a nice flow so that the night is enjoyable.

As someone who loves music in general I also enjoy choosing different type of cortinas that help me to build a nice atmosphere.