DJ Viatcheslav Hitrin

  • Favorite orchestras - Juan D'Arienzo, Anibal Troilo, Ricardo Tanturi 
  • Big fan of Argentine folklore

Viatcheslav Hitrin (Moscow)

I started DJing in 2015. My first milonga was at TangoVivo - the school of Lesha Roschektayev and Ira Nekrasova in St.Petersburg. The studio was located in the basement of a residential building. The neighbors upstairs were sensitive to tango music, and either Fresedo didn’t fit them, or they didn’t like Biagi, but the result was a flood from above. It was then that I realized that I love to be a DJ :)

Since then I played music at the marathons From Russia With Love, Hola Amigos, Los Puentos, Klyukva, Ural tango marathon, La Vida del tango festival, and at regular milongas.

Once upon a time Minsk was my first outgoing tango event, and I am happy to come back here as a DJ) Favorite orchestras - D'Arienzo, Troilo, Tanturi. I love to listen and hear the audience, creating the mood for the little magic that music creates within the couple.