DJ Irene Mahno

  • Professional guitar player and teacher
  • Photographer
  • Her dog Elsa helps her to get ready for milongas and charge with positive energy.

Irene Mahno (Minsk)

"I started DJ-ing a year after I started dancing tango. At first, I mostly relied on my intuition, enthusiasm and musical background. With experience, I began to DJ more deliberately and thoughtfully.

In music, I prefer the Golden Age, but I believe that there are no hard rules, and almost anything is possible if it is required by the moment and the DJ understands what she is doing.

I consider cortinas not as a time-filler, but as a logical emotional aftertaste of the tanda and, perhaps, a smooth preparation for the next one. I like to put on funk, jazz, new wave, indie music, but I always focus on the tastes of dancers at a particular milonga.

Outside of the tango life, I am an ordinary guitarist who teaches people music. I have been a photographer for a long time, also photographing at tango-events for a while. I have a wonderful pug named Elsa, she likes to sleep on my laptop when I'm getting ready for a milonga, and charge it with the positive energy.