Registration is mandatory.

Sale of tickets without registration and to certain milongas is not foreseen - neither advance, nor at the entrance.

Registration is open.
To register click on the big button →
Before to register please, read this carefully.

Registration rules and choice criteria:

After registration:

After you fill in the form, you will get a reply to your email within 20 days (please, pay attention that this email will not be a final confirmation).

The final confirmation of your participation will be sent to you right after the payment for the marathon (if you register in a couple - after payment by both participants).

After your registration in confirmed, please, don’t forget to press “Going” button in the Facebook event, in order to follow all the updates of the marathon news.

Registration cancellation

The payment for the marathon is not returned.

If you will have to cancel your participation after the payment is made, you can suggest one of your friends to participate instead of you. To do that you need to email geravkerlarisa@gmail.com and state the name, last name and link to Facebook account of the person. If you paid for the marathon, you cannot pass the registration to another person without approval by the organizers.