Saturday, September 8

Chacarera class & Peña with Pamela Roldán (Argentina-Finland)

This year an great Argentine Folklore dancer and teacher Pamela Roldán will be with us again!

Born in Argentina, she began her career at age six in Los Polvorines, province of Buenos Aires, in the Ballet del Sur folk group. She studied Argentine Folk Dances and Tango at Instituto Folklórico Argentino and at Universidad Nacional de las Artes (formerly IUNA) in Buenos Aires. She has also studied many different dance styles such as Latin, Arabian, Afro, Indian, contemporary and swing dance, among others. In addition, Pamela has studied Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires. She worked as a social photographer and assisted in several film and event productions.

She currently lives in Tampere, Finland, where she works as a fitness instructor, dancer and teacher of Argentine Tango and Folklore for Buenos Tangos Tampere and Luna Pampeana companies. Pamela has lectured and presented Argentine Folkloric Dances in Buenos Aires, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ljubljana, Istanbul, London, Tampere and Helsinki.

On Saturday, September 8th, for those who would like to master the basic movements before the dance, Pam will conduct a lesson on the chacarera for beginners. Pamela is distinguished for her joy and grace in dancing as well as for her connection with the audience. As a teacher she offers dynamic and entertaining workshops balancing theoretical with expressive content, working closely with students skills and possibilities and listening to each group’s demands.

After the lesson we invite you and all avid fans of the Argentine folklore to the Peña. DJ Pamela Roldán!

Sunday, September 9

Morning Peña with DJ LaRisa (Belarus-Finland)

On a Sunday, before the day milonga. we invite you to gently enter the world of music and dance at morning Peña with DJ LaRisa.

Entrance to the lesson and the Peñas is open to all participants of the marathon and is included in the cost of the pass.